„Airlines congratulates you on the next world“

“Orley airport. I went southwest to indulge in a meditative rest. Under the control of luggage, as soon as we put our things on a moving tape, the man in the back frantically pulled out two small bottles of alcohol, emptied them with one sip and threw them into the garbage tank. He realized that I noticed this „.

After we went through control, I tried to start a conversation on an extraneous topic while we put on shoes. He was embarrassed and evaded the conversation. The flight passed without incident. But when reduced and landing, the plane was shaking due to the wind. Frankly, we were thrown and swayed from side to side, several passengers shouted. And at that moment I felt fear rising inside me, fear of an animal coming from the body, which seemed to me: “Well, the old man, and what kind of trouble you dragged us? This situation is definitely not called natural: two hundred people are driven into a metal armored coffin, from which it is impossible to get out on his own and who right now the air, directed by some unknown, whose face you have never seen in your life. You can’t even make sure that it really exists – and our lives are entrusted to him! Don’t even try to tell me that this is normal!“

My body was fear, but I was able to curb it. I answered myself that we are in the hands of the Lord and except to breathe, smile and scroll in our heads pleasant events of the day and life, we still can’t do anything. And so, soothed and found the soil underfoot, we slow down. There was a voice of the stewardess: “Ladies and gentlemen, we arrived at Bordeaux Airport. Please do not unfasten the seat belts until a complete stop „. She continued, but I heard only a voice, significant and solemn, so unlike the standard tone that this message is usually pronounced.

I immediately thought then – in my thoughts I was still flying – that in such a tone, the stewardess could tell us: “Ladies and gentlemen, we crashed against Bordeaux airport. The airline congratulates you on the arrival of the next world „. You never know what we will find when we left the plane … Everyone got up. I looked with the eyes of a man who drank before taking off: he, at the beginning of the corridor, in an impatient expectation. And already frantically drumming his fingers on the mobile, in a hurry to get out of this damned plane – at least mentally. What an interesting journey! I have seen the sky and the surface of the clouds close. I saw suffering and bad remedy from him. I was afraid

and dreamed. I lived in the full sense of the word. And soon I will savor the peace of a measured rest. At that moment I was quite satisfied „.

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